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Vegetated Swales - Beauty in Action

Problem: when water runs off of streets, parking lots and sidewalks quickly, it carries all sorts of pollutants ocean with it, and can cause erosion as well.

Solution? Create a shallow ditch filled with native plants, called a vegetated swale. The swale will slow down and partially absorb the flow of stormwater, and remove pollutants before they reach the open waters nearby.


As part of the Fitzgerald ASBS Pollution Reduction Program, the County is testing different ways of constructing vegetated swales at four locations in Montara and Moss Beach.

Ocean Boulevard

The County contracted with Blue Sky Designs to design and install a vegetated swale. In the fall of 2011, gravel, dirt, and non-native plants were replaced with native grass sod.

By this spring, the swale was lush and green, blending in beautifully and doing its work as a filter.

Source: http://smchealth.org/sites/default/files/docs/ehs/fitz_news.pdf   From the website of the San Mateo County Health System

Also for more information on the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve:  http://fitzgeraldreserve.org/visit


Delta Bluegrass